About Us


A Better Chance of Wilton is extremely proud to celebrate our 25th year of providing students with the opportunity to share in the extraordinary educational opportunities in our community. The mission of A Better Chance is to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. It is well documented that education provides opportunity. For students who seek that opportunity, being part of the Wilton ABC program and attending Wilton High School can open doors and deliver success.

Our young scholars, often from inner cities and areas of less advantage, live in a house that is owned and supported by our program. Our Resident Directors, who oversee the Scholars and every aspect of their lives while they attend the Wilton High School, are integral to the educational and emotional growth that we see in each student who participates in Wilton ABC. Our large working Board of Directors oversees the many functions needed to ensure the smooth, continuous running of the program. We have been blessed with chefs who not only cook wonderful meals, but also become another adult in our scholar’s lives. We also rely on the dozens of volunteers who become helpers and second families to our scholars – our Host Families, College Coaches, Drivers, Tutors, Advocates, and many others who give their time to help our scholars succeed. It truly “takes a village.”

We are immensely grateful to the Wilton Board of Education, the Administration, and to Wilton High School for partnering with us as we watch our scholars grow from young teens into young adults, ready for college and beyond. Our program is indebted to the people and businesses of Wilton who support us financially. All of the program’s funds come from the generosity of the friends of A Better Chance of Wilton and 100% of those funds go to the support of the program. Our town also benefits from the diverse backgrounds and traditions our scholars bring to our community. We can all agree that sitting together, talking together, learning from each other are each pieces of the bridges that our country needs to continue building.

Here are bios of our current scholars. Over the years of its existence, all 52 of our seniors have graduated and all of them have been accepted to college. And here is a list of our graduates. We are so proud of their journeys. As the cycle continues, in the Fall we welcome new scholars who bring their youthful vitality, curiosity, and dedication to this community’s program. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to explore becoming involved with the lives of these extraordinary young people, who bring so much to our town.

Derrel Mason and Rich Nichol