About Us


Since 1996, A Better Chance of Wilton purpose has been to offer highly-motivated high school students of color the opportunity to live in Wilton and obtain an exemplary secondary education that may not be available to them in their home districts.  The goal of the program is to affirm and nurture our ABC Scholars’ potential and help prepare them for college and their future.

Through the years, A Better Chance of Wilton has enriched the lives of 53 scholars who have graduated from our program with an academic education at our nationally ranked high school. Representing a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the scholars arrive in Wilton as incoming freshmen. Our scholars live in a residential house in Wilton town center with Resident Directors who oversee all aspects of their lives while living here. The Resident Directors are an integral part of the educational and emotional growth that we see in each scholar who participates in ABC Wilton. Our Board of Directors oversees the many functions needed to ensure a smooth and continuous program. The driving force of the program is the countless number of volunteers who keep the program viable: the house chef, our host families, college coaches, drivers, tutors, and college advocates just to name a few. It indeed “takes a village” to support our scholars as they navigate through their four years in Wilton.

We are immensely grateful to the Wilton Board of Education and the administration and staff of Wilton High School for partnering with us as we watch our scholars grow from young teens into young adults, ready for college and beyond. Our program is indebted to the people and businesses of Wilton who support us financially. All of the program’s funds come from the generosity of the friends of A Better Chance of Wilton and 100% of those funds go to the support of the program. Our town benefits from the diverse backgrounds and traditions our scholars bring to our community. Sitting together, talking together, living together, and learning from each other help to build the bridges of understanding that we all need as citizens in our community and country.

We are so proud of our ABC Wilton scholars who have graduated from Wilton High School and have begun their life journeys. As the cycle continues, we welcome new scholars who bring their youthful vitality, curiosity, and dedication to Wilton’s ABC program. We encourage you to reach out to us if you would like to explore becoming involved with the lives of these extraordinary young people who are a bright light in our community.

Nancy Peters